3D Animator



In February 2018, I committed to becoming an animator. This is a collection of different projects I have worked on, a mix of professional and personal.


iAnimate Game Workshop

I started taking iAnimate game animation workshops to gain a better grasp of body mechanics and understand how to specifically craft animations for gameplay.  



I was a 3D Art and Animation intern at codeSpark for summer 2018. I primarily worked on an expansion slated to release in September 2018, creating emotes and action animations for characters, pets, and props. I also helped design a 2D face expressions for the characters and pets using Unity's sprite system.



I am the character animator and 3D artist for a CMU project (Fall 2018) which aims to design a theatrical performance with a fully animated character rendered in augmented reality.


The 30 Day Demo Reel Challenge

When I decided to study animation, I knew I needed to practice as much as possible. With applications for internships coming up quickly (2018) and nothing to show yet, I set a crazy goal and decided to dive in headfirst. It was definitely the immersive experience that I needed to kick me into committing.  


Your Final Journey

Studio Duat was the Spring 2018 semester of Carnegie Mellon University's student-run animation studio. I was the producer and animator for an environmental experience taking viewers through the Duat, the ancient Egyptian afterlife. We developed this experience for Oculus and a projection room known as the CAVE. We also developed a preproduction package for the following semester's studio.


Building Virtual Worlds

Five two-week product sprints using HTC Vive, Oculus, Apple's ARKit, Hololens, and a Jam-O-Drum. There were rotating teams of five people (two artists, two programmers, one sound designer). I doubled up as producer and artist in all of these sprints.