3D Animator



About Me

I've had an interesting approach to animation as a career. I double-majored in Biochemistry and History and minored in Art at the Washington University in St. Louis. Originally I had planned on going to medical school, but I caught the creative bug and decided late in my undergrad years that I wanted to do something different. I received an opportunity to work in New York City in Public Relations, so I took it. While there, I balanced my day job and with my work as a freelance photographer.

After being accepted to Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Masters program, I thought I’d be a producer for the animated films I loved when I was a kid. My views and goals changed, however, when I saw my colleagues and players be delighted when playing as characters that I animated. I started playing all kinds of games and finding a particular magic in interactive characters. I want to be a part of that creative chaos that brings those kinds of experiences to life. 

Other traits about me…

  • Krav maga novice

  • Caffeine junkie

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