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Building Virtual Worlds


Building Virtual Worlds

This was the cornerstone class of my time at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center; two week product sprints with a new team, new prompt, and new platform for the entire duration of the semester.

fox story.PNG

A Fox Story 

Platform: HTC Vive 

This was a weird project for me; the main focus of the post is how I gave myself 24 hours to study and implement quadruped cycles. I had a great time making the low poly fox models as well. 


For Duck's Sake

Platform: HTC Vive

My primary focus this round was creating a rubber duck that had loads of appeal; it was fun iterating on the character, and I'm quite happy with the final result. 

slime lord.PNG

Slime Lord

Platform: ARKit 

This was our lightning round project (one week, not two); after lots of bug testing and iteration, we realized we could get around a major bug if we made the world out of jelly. This was my attempt at Flubber. 


You Herd Em

Platform: Jam-O-Drum

Weird platform, fun team and fun game. This was less of an animation challenge and more of a character design challenge, coming up with different kinds of characters and shapes.