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Your Final Journey (WIP)

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For more details about this project, see our project website. I'll be discussing my animation contribution in this post. 

Studio Duat is a student-led art studio exploring new and immersive mediums for storytelling. The studio is part of Carnegie Mellon University's Year-Long Animation Studio, and we were the Spring 2018 studio. We are producing an environmental experience to take viewers through the realms of Egyptian mythology, traveling the path through the Duat, the Lands of the Dead. We are developing this experience to be delivered equally well across two different platforms.

In addition to this production, Studio Duat is creating a pre-production package for the next semester’s studio. This package is based on Sirena of Guam, a folktale which tells the origin story of a mermaid. We are developing the artistic direction, storyline, and creating preliminary art assets for a traditional pipeline for this concept.

Platforms: Made in Unity for Oculus and a three-wall projection room called the CAVE  

Programmers: Patrick Lyu, Guanghao Yang

Environment Artists: Timothy Ahene, Sharon You

Texture Artist: Tai Ching Cheng

Character Artist/TD: Sahar Kausar

Producer / Animator: Euna Park

Biggest Lesson Learned: I am never working without reference video again. 

Communicating animation progress with the rest of the team

Communicating animation progress with the rest of the team

Euna Park