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3D Art

Project Bespin - 3D Animation, Storyboarding

I was part of a team which submitted an entry for Unity's Neon Challenge.

The team was made out of seven Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center Master's program students over winter break, working remotely with one another using Perforce/P4V and multi-scene editing using the Timeline and Cinemachine features. Here is a more detailed overview I wrote up of Project Bespin's overall workflow. I will go more into detail of my personal involvement in the process below.  

Our team consisted of: 

When the project was in the initial concept phase, we were all pretty exhausted but were also excited to put together an entry for the competition. 

I drew an animatic to help us visualize the story and timing. 

I compiled a shot list to help us organize the story across the art team, level design team, and programming team. 

Euna Park