3D Animator

30 Day Demo Reel Challenge

I'm challenging myself to create a character animation demo reel in 30 days. 

Box Lift

Status: In Progress

Rig Credit: Mery from the Mery Project

Software: Maya 2018

LATEST VERSION (3/8): Facial Expressions and Timing


I took a reference video for a box lift by filling an Amazon Prime Pantry box with some of my heaviest books. 

Based off of the reference video, I worked a couple of hours to block in about half the shot that I wanted. Tonight was rough all around, but I think this is a nice start. 


I wasn't happy with some of the blocking before, so I went back and reworked it. I also added on a kind of ending to the shot to give it a more finished feeling. 


I went into more detail with the blocking pass this time around. I decided to also try and show it with two separate angles to display what's happening on both sides of the red box...

I need to go in with more detail into the walk, especially to make the box have a greater sense of weight while she's moving forward.


To be perfectly honest, this challenge started to burn me out. I had a few days where I made some light progress on all the shots I had in the pipeline, then I spent a weekend not touching anything. After giving myself some space, I felt like I was coming back to the challenge with fresh eyes. I worked first on Mery's walk cycle before returning to the box lift blocking.

There were some pretty heavy changes made, I actually redid the entire second half to work in a little more context and story. 


I got a little behind on classwork and was working on pitching a project for next semester, so I wasn't able to work as much as I liked on these shots this past week. 

I finally got time tonight to work on the timing and try out her facial expressions! It's my first time trying facial expressions.


Revisited the blocking after a really long week of school. Exaggerated some of the posing around the trip to accentuate it more. 

Euna Park