3D Animator




I love animation. Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved and admired the power of animation to bring characters to life.  

I'm working on learning how to most effectively use Maya for animating characters for games and cinematic sequences. Currently, I am the producer and animator for the student-led, year-long animation studio at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center (Studio Duat).



This blog details my thought processes and internal operating system as a producer, creating and managing highly iterative design processes for interactive experiences. 

In all my projects so far, I've used my interdisciplinary background to speak to multiple disciplines at various parts of the pipeline, and to understand what sort of organizational structure is necessary for the given resources and time. 

  • Marketing work experience focuses my approach on practical deliverables and big-picture perspective
  • Strong instinct for how to optimize a team from the human perspective
  • Educational background in hard science to understand technical needs
  • Study of art and history informs aesthetic and story