3D Animator


Art Portfolio

2D Art

I like to observe life, and sometimes it works its way onto larger pieces. 



3D Animation

In February 2018, after making art assets in consecutive 2 week production sprints for a semester, I decided I wanted to truly devote myself to studying character animation. I am particularly interested in how character animation can be pushed to create emotional narratives in interactive and immersive mediums.

Currently enrolled in iAnimate's game animation workshop.

Reel Breakdown 

0:05 - 3 Hit Combo 

Rig: Psyloke 

0:13 - Jump 

Rig: Body Mechanics Pack (Jack)

0:16 - Punch

Rig: Body Mechanics Pack (Dex) 

0:24 - Walk Cycle 

Rig: Mery rig